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Design Your Own Tour

Design Your Own Tour
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My, my, my, we are picky. It does not please you to take a run of the mill tour, no, you had something else in mind, a little something tailor made to your needs and desires you say, a holiday is not a holiday unless you soak up the ambiance, the luxury of doing what you want, when you want. No noisy crowded tour buses, no reason to have to force up and summon out torrents of fake enthusiasm when being forced to view things that are of little or no interest to you. No- no such thing. Regain the control, the power and decisions are in your hands for others to accommodate. Its your time to do with as you please. Roam the places you actually wish to roam.

That's right. You are able to design your own tour, so whilst at home on the net gather info about the places you really want to poke your head past and draw up your own personal itinerary. Your trip doesnt have to be squashed with you hauling ass back and forth like a busy bee in one day, your trip could range from a week to fifteen days. The limits are few and far between when it comes to this personalised travel package. From Kruger Park, Mpumalanga, The Elephant Sanctuary, Victoria Falls, Drakensberg Mountains, Swaziland, St Lucia Wetlands, Durban, Sun City and Cape Town. There's loads to see and do and all the destinations are up to you. You get the desired list together, hand it to a tour company that knows how to get the package beyond the conceptual stage and into a working model and then I spose the only thing left to do is achieve the holiday you had envisioned for yourself. The one you pieced together. You smart ass you!!!

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